Https access to UCM 6202


I´m confused and effortless getting access to the UCM6202

http server set in UCM as follows
Redirect Port 80 not active
Protokoll HTTPS because i want zo use wave
Port 8089

Port 8089 TCP opened for the UCM IP in the router

I use a permanent IP 123.456.789 (just example IP)

But access

without any success

only with https://123.456.789:8089
i get an message from chrome

i also tried flashing the cache in chrome,still no wayto the UCM

Thanks a lot in advance for some help

Winfried Bernartz
sorry for bad english I´m from Germany


apart from that I do not understand that thing of “porn”, I sept as from screen, I make the nat on the router and everything works.
Do a NAT with ACL or you’ll find 1,000 attacks a day, obviously for a security speech HTTPS should be forced.




Im very sorry how that porn Message was included in my question, i swear i did nothing that would explain that. Im not sure, but may be this happened becaus of the three X´s in my post so i will never write anything like this anymore!

And thanks for your answer, but this is just what i did, I ve just the same options in the UCM and did the NAT in my router, but no way to the UCM. No problem to reach my webcams or anything else from outside with the NATs, only the UCM wont respond to me

Thanks in advance
Winfried Bernartz


it’s definitely a bad setting on your firewall / router or you’ve set limits inside UCM



thanks again, after many additional tests i contacted the Hotline of my provider unitymedia (Germany):
Is is not possble to us the port 8089 because they use it for their purposes, is it blocked in the router (fritzbox). Sometimes is it hard to learn things :slight_smile:

Many greetings Winfried Bernartz


In fact, I use another door from the outside towards 8089?
Do you really use Fritzbox? (no comment)



yes really, i changed to 8099 and everything works fine. But Im sure it is not a problem with the Fritzbox but with unitymedia the provider beacuse unitymedia uses a special firmware and it looks like they use this port for their pusposes.
Thanks again

Winfried Bernartz