HTTP Open Door API - Send card_number instead of remote_pin?



We’re attempting to set the GDS3710 up with a Sargas RFID reader ( for long range tag reads ).

The sargas is capable of having custom software on it so we were trying to read tags with Sargas and
then post them to the GDS to allow access, Using the remote pin this obviously works fine but we’d like to pass the tag/card number instead so the GDS is making the decisions about which card is allowed to open etc.

Has anyone accomplished this, maybe I’m missing something ?


What interface is the Sargas RFID Reader? If it is Weigand, you can wire them and set the reader as Weigand input, and add those RFID cards info into the GDS, let GDS do the verification (card number) then if correct operate the relay to open door. This should work.

Assuming you are using latest GDS firmware. If wiring is correct, you have to configure in the “Door System Settings => Basic Settings” UI, click the “enable” the Wiegand Input, then go to the “Alarm Settings => Alarm Events Config” UI, choose related “Input Digit” as “Open Door”. You can assign schedule to the door operation.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS product.


Hey GS_Guy - thanks for the reply,

This is the RFID reader we are attempting to use here,

It doesn’t have direct Weigand output but we are going to try something like [this] instead to allow the Sargas to communicate over ethernet to the RS485 serial inputs on the GDS unit ( will be an onboard software solution, reading the tags and then splitting out data to that converter )

I haven’t been able to find any documentation about those RS485 inputs though, I don’t suppose you can point me in the right direction ?

Ideally we want the GDS to manage as much of this as possible ( as we have the GDS manager software and what not ) but finding good long range RFID readers with Weigand output that operate within NZ based ranges is quite tough - And we need all the range we can get as this is for driveway gates opening based on certain vehicles passing.