HT81x reboots at random times


I have a monitoring software that is available for a site that has 8 Grandstream HT 81x devices.
I only recently added them into the monitoring software and am not liking what I’m seeing with what appears to be random-time reboots.
Periodically throughout the day, I’m seeing “uptime below threshold” on alert emails.

I just logged into them and discovered that the time was off by an hour or two for each one.
I determined that they’re not able to resolve to, so I set it to an internal server that I know provides NTP on the LAN. This has now resolved the time on all of the HT81x’s, but I’m still showing an time difference on the HT802 at one of their locations.

set the NTP server to the MiCollab’s IP address – they were all set to
I verified or set the time-zone to -5 Eastern.
allow DHCP server to set time zone = NO
Set them to restart after 1am and before 2am daily.
Set them to automatically update their firmware daily after 2am until 3am.
DHCP option 66 or 160 to override server = NO
3CX Auto Provision = No

I’ll find out tomorrow if they continue to restart at weird times.