Hi Guys

I have a HT818, we are looking at using these as a replacement for PSTN phone line on existing phone systems.
The idea will be to move the current main number over to SIP and connect the FXO ports to the Trunk ports on the phone system.
We have the registration part worked out and you can call in and out.
The problem is if the first FXO port is busy we cant seem to get it to line hunt (ring at the next available port).
Can anyone help with this configuration.

Cheers Elliott


Provider <->HT818 <-> old PBX <-> caller
This scenario ?
If yes then i think you shoudl check PBX.
Remember that HT in this scenario can use only 1 line for 1 call.


Hi Marcin

yep thats the scenario.
We are testing at the moment so just have some analogue phone plugged in for testing.
It seems we cant get the inbound calls to hunt,
We do want 1 line for 1 call but if the first line is busy then hunt to the second line.
our SIP trunks have 6 channels available.

Cheers Elliott


Then you need start Hunt group.

Hunting Group Type: Linear

Then set it on FXS port with hunting group.
1 Line set as active, and rest set to 1.


Alternatively, have the PBX do it instead of the ATA. That way all call control is centrally managed. Your PBX should be able to do simple failover based on call waiting/line busy status. If it can’t, use a different platform.


Have you configured the 818 as peer trunk or registered trunk?

How many call paths are provisioned?

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Hi Luke
we are a PABX maintainer but not for this site, the PABX is SIP compatible but the ATA gives a good demarcation point for the lines.

Cheers Elliott


Hi Jeff

its configured as a registered trunk and our SIP service is provisioned for 6 simultaneous connections so i have disable the last 2 ports on the 818.

Cheers Elliott


Hi Marcin

I will give this a go and let you know. Thanks.

Cheers Elliott