HT814, WAN flashes blinks 2x per second, LAN does not respond on


Serial # 26tzcbpm414f12a0
LAN led goes solid when i connect Windows PC.
Also voice menu *** gives fast busy?

What is going on with this if WAN is flashing this way?


look underneath on the sticker for the password if there is one and credentials.


Yes it has PIN
rest is regular MAC, Serial#


Perhaps what you are using as the password is the Part Number that you have mistaken for a PIN - the code you have written is P/N (Part Number)

Is this is a new device that you are trying to program?
Have you plugged a laptop/computer into the Lan port?
When you did so and your network interface is set for DHCP, did you receive a IP address?
If you did and was able to receive an IP address, what happens when you browse to ?
Did you see the web page of the HT814?
If you did, did you use the default username and password as per the manual?

If you receive no information to your browser, try identifying if the ethernet cable you are using is good, that you have flushed your browser cache.

If you still are unable to program or access the HT814, I would suggest to factory reset the unit and try the above again.

If all else fails I would suggest to gain assistance from Grandstream themselves as this is just a user forum only and I am a user here.