HT814: upgrade the firmware, hit and miss


I’m trying to upgrade few HT814 to the latest firmware but it doesn’t work.
I succeeded only for one HT814 only and I have no idea how, I cannot do it again for another two HT814.
I’m trying to upload the new firmware but the error message is:

Device already has another provision running!

how can I upload the firmware?
thank you.


I found a way to do it. please check the attached pdf.
thank you.


Thank you for your tip.
It doesn’t work for my HT812 - with no internet connection at all (only connected to laptop thru the LAN port) the “Last status” stay Not running.
If I try to manually update the device the “Device already has another provision running!” message appears… :frowning:


Hi Alex, could you send me your pdf? I have the same problem with upgrading HT814. Regards, Evgeny.