Ht813 not detecting PSTN Calls


HT813 not detecting incoming PSTN calls. What i have noticed so far.

  1. FXO lights flash sometimes during ringing but status indicates IDLE for the line with the issue.
  2. The customer has 2 other lines that work just fine. Incoming calls are detected and forward to voip or fxs port.
  3. Old IP office 500v2 can detect incoming calls no problem but gateway cannot.
  4. Analog phone connected on the line rings and connects no problem.
  5. Line switched in the equipment room where service provider come into the building to line of known working trunk and same issue.
  6. Tried an ATA with 2fxs/2fxo from another supplier new rock technologies smart ata 422. Same issue not ringing.
  7. Service provider confirmed line is coming off same equipment as the 2 others. They will confirm whether ADSL for unused internet is still active and whether its on that particular line. I am think this may affect detection as there is no filter.
  8. No Caller ID on the line but test with and without same outcome.
  9. ATA always show IDLE on port status, unless line is physically disconnected.
  10. Gateway on latest firmware.
  11. Out going calls from voip to PSTN works. But not incoming.

What am i missing here? This is becoming very stressful. Any help would be appreciated.


Did you manage to resolve this as i have similar problem.