HT813 FXO to Bogen Multicom 2000


Attempting to interface with a Bogen Multicom 2000. We have configured the FXO port of the HT813 as an extension. It is registered fine. When the extension is dialed we get a busy signal. The line coming out of the Bogen does provide dialtone. If I plug in my butt set I can get dialtone just fine. Have this same setup with Valcom paging systems and it works fine, but this Bogen is proving to be problematic.

I know nothing about the Bogen system, was just told by the original installer that we would need to connect to an FXO device. I tried calling Bogen as well, but they weren’t that helpful. Basically told me any FXO or Loop Start device should work.

We’re stuck, and would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!


It would help to know what card you are connecting to in the Bogen system and the intent of what is wanting to be accomplished,

Additionally, there is a Beta firmware out for the 813, that should be used as there is a bug in the released version. Read the release notes for the details.


The installer of the Bogen can’t tell me anymore than its an FXO board. I can tell you it is the same connection as the dedicated Bogen phone is connected. I can get dial tone through the bogen phone, and through my butt set. But when connected to the HT813, I get nothing.

Have two other HT 813 units connected to Valcom PAs for the same district, and they work fine.




I updated to the lastest firmware, no change.


And to be clear on the expectation of functionality…

I want to to dial the extension for the HT813, have it pickup the line and give me the dial tone from the Bogen PA system (just like picking up the dedicated Bogen phone). From there I want to be able to dial the different paging groups programmed in the bogen.


So, would I be correct that if you get dialtone with the butt-set, you can then dial to whatever page group you wish?


Correct. Both with the Bogen Phone and the butt set. I am able to hear dialtone and dial page groups.

When I connect to the FXO port of the 813, dial the extension for it I just get a busy signal, when I would expect it to pick up the line and give me the dial tone from the Bogen. I’ve got two of these devices working on Valcom PA systems that it works exactly as described.