HT813 Dials a few numbers but not others


I have an HT813 connected via LAN to a server running a software that fakes a SIP server. The FXO port is connected to a POTS line. The only purpose is to allow the software on that server to call people over POTS and play a message for them. IT will call some numbers, but not others, or not at all.

I was told by support to increase a delay before dial. The only thing I found was " Min Delay Before Dial PSTN Number: I tried increasing that to 600 and then 700. It didn’t solve the issue. It will still dial two phone numbers–those of the vendor, but not a local cell phone number. All are US numbers, all in starting with 1 3digit area code 3digits then 4digits.

Dialplan is: { x+ | +x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }

What should we look for to get it working?


It is probably not related to gateway unless you initiate call +1 ?
I think it is related to pots ot provider as gateway will not use number for anything.


The issue was local numbers don’t need a 1 for POTS calls, but do for SMS.