HT813 connected to a Yeastar S-100


I am trying to connect the FX0 port of an HT813 as a trunk to use for paging from a Yeastar S series PBX. I have the trunk configured in the pbx and it does show that the FX0 is registered. It shows this on the HT813 as well. I can’t seem to access the trunk from the pbx. This may be more of a Yeastar question but I’m looking for some set-up help so that I can have a dial-code to do this. Anyone with experience that can help? Thank you


You cannot use a dial code to reach a device. A dial code is resident in the PBX and when seen by the PBX, it causes an associated function to be invoked.

You reach devices either by dialing an extension or by using outbound rules which directs the call to a device for further handling. If the paging device requires a certain dial code, then you would either use 2 stage dialing so that when you reach the HT, it provides another dial tone by which to send the command to the pager or you modify the dial plan or set auto-dial in 1 stage dialing so that when the dial is seen from the PBX, the HT will see it and then dial out to the pager by substituting your string for the one needed by the pager.