HT813 connect to freepbx


I have been using a SPA232d for POTS to freepbx with no problems. The spa unit is now very noisy and unreliable so I have purchased a Grandstream HT813 to use only the fxo connection. I have setup a chanpjsip trunk which is shown as registered by freepbx and available. Calls do not connect in or out.
I have changed the dial tones and other tones to what I found as UK values but I am stumped by current problem.
Does anyone have any experience of this device with freepbx especially if any UK user can assist.
Many thanks



I have now been able to pass incoming calls to freepbx by activating the fxs port account which I do not intend to use. According to the manual this should not be necessary.
However I am unable to pass outgoing calls. I can not delete the pstn passcode of *00 and keep it empty (on reboot default replaces) so have replaced with single digit added as prepend to outgoing route.
A phone plugged in to fxs port also only receives but can not make calls.
Any help gratefully received


This problem has now been solved on freepbx forum.
The error was in fxo port settings Stage Dialing was set to 2 and should be 1.
This was known by another user. If only these settings for uk and freepbx were published somewhere.