HT813 + 3CX No dial outgoing calls


I have configured a ht813, using FXO port to line and WAN port to LAN. I have configured 3CX trunk and I can receive calls without problem, but if i try to dial any number, I see that call raises at 3CX, but HT813 doesn’t dial anything. If I check web status at the moment of the call, I see that FXS change status to “ringing” (it’s disabled).

If i plug an analog phone to line, it dials without any spacial action, please anyone can help to find what is the problem in FXO config?
thank you!


In the screen shot, you have the account set to inactive. In 3CX you need to insure that the port is set to the IP for the SIp server. The FXO port is usually 5062 and 3CX will default to 5060 unless stated otherwise.

Additionally, I recall seeing where there was an issue with a certain firmware, Please go to the firmware site and check the release to see if running the latest, if not upgrade.



FXO Account is disabled at the moment of the screenshoot but obviously enabled when doing the tests.
Updated SIP ports to 5062 in 3CX and HT503 but problem remains…


And the firmware?


firmware versión
thank you!


Hi guys,

solved, once changed SIP port to 5062 and restarted device it works! It seems that there is a bug and gateway not work’s using port 5060.
Thank you to all!