HT812 Web UI in HTML Text


New to Grandstream. Comming from a Obihai ATA. Just received my new Grandstream HT812. First thing I noticed is that the MAC address does not match what is on the box or the sticker on the ATA.
I am trying to connect to the HT812 to configure it but am unable to get a proper Web UI. I have the IP address for the ATA and when I put it into the browser on my computer I get the log in screen. I log in using the admin account and all I get is HTML in text like it is showing me the html code.

Not sure what to do next. Trying to set this up for my Voip.MS account.
Thanks in Advance



Make sure that you are browsing via the LAN port of the HT812 else it will be rejected.

Use Chrome / Edge or even Internet Explorer if that is enabled - else Chrome on Mac if it is a mac that you are using.

Lan port marked in red of picture:



thanks for the information. I was trying to use the Wan port setup from the guide but as soon as I switched to Lan I was in. I was also having issues updating the firmware but once I plugged the Wan cable back into the device it updated fine. For some reason I could not update from file but hey… it is current now.


I am glad that I offered the solution for you.


Please take the time to read the manual as you would have seen that WAN port web access is disabled until such time as you use the voice menu or web access via the LAN to enable it. This prevents those who simply put the device into service with the HT being exposed to the Internet, given its rudimentary router function, from hack attempts.