HT812 - have both FXS ports ring as one


Is it possible on the HT812 to have both FXS ports ring simultaneously - preferably without having to create two profiles or, with one profile, having to have an individual user login for each port?

My reasoning, while my VoIP provider allows two simultaneous calls on the SIP trunk, it seems they only allow one registration active at a time. I don’t need to be able to make two simultaneous calls - I just want two handsets to hang off the one account. Otherwise, I have to just use one port and put in a splitter

  • one-time registration (check that your trunk provider supports this)
  • activate hunting and decide whether to ring simultaneously or only if fxs1 is busy


Okay, thank you

The documentation makes no reference to how one sets the FXS ports to ring simultaneously


sorry, but which guide are you looking at?

with the search key “hunting” you will find at least 19 matches


Yes, I have read these and while they helped me understand how to properly setup a hunt group, there is no mention of how to have all ports ring simultaneously - only linear or circular hunting and timeout settings


I never use simultaneous calling (it doesn’t make any sense when you’re using a PBX), but you can try playing with the timing


I don’t have a PBX, I have a cloud SIP trunk with one account and I want to hang 2 phones of this line so it can be answered in 2 locations. While I can simply use a RJ11 two-way splitter out of port 1, this seems a little defeatist when I have an unused and powered port 2 on the ATA

It seems that there is no option on the HT812 to make both FXS ports ring at the same time


I already told you how to do it

Good work


No harm to you lad but you absolutely did not

Until I hear otherwise, there is no option in hunt groups, timings or anywhere else to have the two FXS ports rings simultaneously


He did, just read manual there is setting and explain there
Hunting Group
Hunting Group Ring Timeout
Hunting Group Type