Hi all,
I’m looking to add a route to an HT802
HT802 LAN IP: 10.5.x.x
need to add route so it can reach 10.2.x.x
Is it possible?

Thank you all in advance.


Can you provide some insight on why or the needs? It does not support static routing as it is assumed that the presence of the SIP server(s) is made available or reachable to it at its interface.


Thank you for your reply.
The FAX machine is on the 10.5.x.x network, and the SIP server is on the 10.2.x.x network.
So, no static route? disappointing (I should read the manual before buying :slight_smile: )
Can I accomplish the above (reaching 2 networks from the HT device) using an HT812 ?


It is not clear to me why an IP is relevant to a fax machine as it is my assumption that you would use one of the two analog outputs to connect the fax machine. Can you explain further?

While there may be some that do, I am not aware of any ATA that supports static routes.