HT802 stops respondig


After last firmware update i have problems with my HT802: every 24-48 hit totally stop responding (it’s IP it’s not longer visible on my lan). I have to unplug power to reset it to make it working again.

I have read some where that Ht802 can suffer from overheating (mine is placed in a room at about 20 degree C), is that true ?


Highly unlikely as the operating temp specification is 40C.

Is it set with a static IP? What is the LAN connection - router, switch, etc.?


I am having the same problem. Using the latest firmware My unit does not feel hot. It lasts about 24-36 hours and then has to be power cycled because it is unresponsive on the lan and the fax machine plugged into it does not have a dial tone. Static IP with ubiquiti switch and router.


I have the same problem, someone managed to solve?