HT802 Outbound Calls



Im testing a HT802 in our pbx platform from Ribbon, i can receive calls, but i cannot make calls, internal or external.
I have dial tone, but when i dial the number after x seconds it gives me busy tone.
It gives a message 403 Forbidden.

Hugo Sousa


dial tone is self generated from the device… it doesnt reflect registration on any pbx.

recheck your settings…

do a pcap of the activity on a reboot and use wireshark to see why its nit registering…


Hi Scott,
Thanks for the feedback.

The account is registered, i can receive calls, i only cannot make calls.

Hugo Sousa


sounds like dial plan issue in the ht802 … or the dtmf isnt set to the pbx the same…

check the dtmf settings on the ht802…



My provider said that im sending the invite in PAI with IP instead of domain information.

P-Asserted-Identity: “GrandStream” sip:lab_271@213.58.XXX.XXX

The Host part of PAI that needs to include domain information. Do you know where can i change this in Grandstream?



They want their domain in there ?

Try disable PAI :slight_smile: