HT802 - No dial tone


Hi all,

I have experienced all sorts of trouble getting my unit to register with my SIP. I now have it registered and when I go to the gui, the port status is showing as registered.

I am using a BT analogue cordless handset but am unable to get any dial tone and when i ring the voip number, the handset does not ring. I am therefore wondering whether this type of unit is compatible or whether I need to have an IP phone.

I’ve had this device for about six months now and I would love to get it working!

HT802 No Dial Tone

Any assistance with this issue would be very much appreciated!


You may need to check a couple of things -
On the HT, the inner two connections on the Rj11 plug are the tip and ring and are the ones of interest. You may need to check the polarity and pins used by the phone as I am not personally familiar with the needs of the analog cordless phone in use. If the account is registered, then you should get dial tone if hooked up correctly, and if no dial tone, then unlikely ring.


Thanks for the reply. I have checked the BT plug and there are no pins present in the plug for pins one and six. There are pins present for pins, two, three, four and five.


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