HT802 Firmware Upgrade



Im tryng to make upgrade from to, using the GUI upload Firmware.
when i try it nothing happens.

Can anyone helps?

Hugo Sousa


use the previous firmware first


Hi Scott,

Im trying to change the firmware usinf tftp or directly from the Gui pressing the Upload Firmware. But im not having success.
Can you explain, how can i do it?

Hugo Sousa


To use tftp will require you to use a tftp program like pumkin and upgrade the firmware using the incremental firmware level as i mentioned before updating to the highest level of firmware.


Im using Pumpkin to try to change the fw. But i have some dbout about the Firmware server Path.

I have the file inside a folder in my C diretory. what i have to put in the Firmware Path?


the ip address of the computer that is running pumkin


this IS not the forum for Pumkin


Im doing that, but nothing happens. i cannot change the firmware, of this HT 802.

I already put static ip on the HT, with a network cable plugged in my pc, i can ping him, i put the ip from my pc in the Firmware Server Path, connect the Pumpkin or TFTPd with the respective folder, but its not have any activity.
Maybe the FW is not the correct?
The HT 802 have this FW:


reboot the ht802 - on reboot the ht802 will try the tftp path unless you do not have the path set correctly or you havfe a firewall on your pc blocking tftp actions.


Hi Scott,

Thanks. It was the firewall. My bad.

Best Regards,
Hugo Sousa



Maybe you can help me.
I cannot make calls using the HT802, only receive.
Our provider said that the PAI needs to send the domain and not the IP. Where can i change the PAI in HT 802?


They want you to send - or something like that for you in particular?



I have a ticket with them too.

They said this:

Additionally we found that the INVITE comes with the below PAI: P-Asserted-Identity: “GrandStream” <sip:lab_271@[213.XXX.XXX.XXX]; The Host part of PAI that needs to be include domain information like “”. With that unknown IP, our call server could not locate the subscriber.


well this is a forum of mostly users so you havent opened a ticket here - you will need to use:


Add domain in sip server.
Set OUTBAND proxy as IP (current in sip server for sure).