HT802 Calling Problem


I have a weird problem. I am using the HT802 ATA. I can dial any Mobile number and it works. However, dialing some landline numbers gives me an engage type tone. Call another landline number gives and it works. Now try the number that does not work again…still engage tone. Then I dial my mobile number and it works. I then try the 1st landline number and it works. Yet some landline numbers works all the time.


fw updated?
sure that your voip account allows you to call all numbers?
checked the dial plan?


Sure the plan does. Because sometimes the call actually connects…but mostly with some landline numbers it does not work. Like I say if I dial a mobile then try the landline number…it works…wierd.


my questions were 3, and anyway a wrong dial plan can create those problems


sorry Damian - will check if FW updated.
I have also logged a call with the SIP provider.



90% of the problem is on the dial plan


Ststus -> CDR LOG (afiar)
Check if you see number you dialed there, if yes ask provider why they not allow this.