HT802 ALWAYS says CalledId date is 3/29


I have a lot of HT502 and HT503 but they do not experience the problem below.

On the HT802 , ALL caller ID calls have the correct Day of Week and Time, and NAME, but they always come up with the date of 3/29 .

I have troubleshooted this with Callcentric, and have checked the modem, routers, etcc.

It DEFINITELY is a problem with the HT802…

Does anyone have a clue on what parameter may be causing this ???

It seems to be IGNORING the Called Id DATE sent by the Caller, and replacing it with a fixed 3/29



What make and model of phone is being used?


Thank you for your prompt response !
I use UNIDEN TRU8866. This system does not have a provision for DATE, only for Day of Week and Time.

I have it in other countries, with the HT502 and HT503 and they all show the proper DATE on the CallerID.

But on the HT802 it is shows ALWAYS 3/29 .

I also looked up at the log file on the Callcentric website, it receives the correct DATE, but somehow this is being distorted by the HT802 when sent to the phones.

I am uploading the printouts of the HT802 pages

ht802 pages (1.5 MB)

Please help !


The basic page?


Grandstream Device Configuration HT802 Basic page (223.1 KB)

woops ! my bad !! here it goes


I will be in the office today for a bit and have some HT 8XX hanging around. I’ll see what of mine does.


thank you !


MIne is an 802 running I used a cheap emerson analog phone. After replacing the batteries, making a few test calls and then checking the CID display and the CDR in the HT…all is fine -


you are getting the correct DATE ?? as you can see from my HT802 pages I am also running
I have another HT802 (for backup) . I think it is NOT yet updated to
I will try to see whether the problem persists with the other HT802 and let you know.
I don’t see anywhere else where the DATE would be changed.
All my other HT502’s in 3 countries have Uniden TRU8866 phones and use Callcentric and all of them provide the correct date. Could it be a corruption in the firmware of this particular set ? I will check that .


date problem with (1.8 MB)

Here I replaced the HT802 (see attached pages), and also the UNIDEN TRU8866 base. And the problem still persists, as you can see from a photo of the CalledId log on the Phone.

I also am enclosing a picture of the CallLog from Callcentric, so you can see that at their system the DATES and times are correct

at this point I am pretty sure that the problem must be occurring in the HT802


look at the cdr on the ht.


please explain better, I did not understand what to do


cdr (97.3 KB)

got it ! I am sending it to you.
should I delete it to see whether it resets ???
Please advise


cdr file (153.4 KB)

this is more legible cdr PREVIEW.

what should I do , should I DELETE it and see whether this fixes the problem ?


ON the basic page, what time does the system uptime show?


on the Status page it shows 17 :10:55 hs - I am attaching snapshot.
Also I cleared the CDR file and then I changed the parameters to CDR OVERRIDE and SIP OVERRIDE.
I made calls from my cell phone and had my son call from Portugal, on another account. You can see them. but they all have the wrong date, 3/29

sip (270.2 KB)


I am enclosing here the snapshot of the Callcentric Call Log so you can see the where the calls originated from. They have the correct dates , and times


What are you using for an NTP server in the HT?


Some USA NTP servers can be found here -


Make it simple; just use - “