HT801 setup


Hi, I have used the settings from to set the device up. When first switched it on I can make 3 to 5 calls after that the device just will not connect to the call. I still get a dial tone and the GUI is showing the device is registered and also shows the numbers have been placed, but are showing as failed calls. Any help on this would be great. Thanks


Follow the instructions in this post with the exception of the account settings provided by voipcheap.


Hi, Am I being stupid or am I missing a link ? Thanks



How do I put the H801 into WAN mode ?
The weird thing is that I’m replacing a different brand that was working flawless for years until the day it went up in a blue cloud of smoke.


801 do not have wan/lan switch it is 1 network cable ?

if you unlock then IVR 12 code, 9 and reboot. (sometime it lock access, dev use same template on all HT)