HT801 direct ip dial, no packets out, busy


Had two ht386 on private network used direct IP dial between them working, replaced one with ht801
and now ht386->ht801 calls work, but ht801->ht386 calls get busy and I don’t see any packets
out of the ht801 (other than possibly arp’s).

Hardware Version: V1.0B Part Number – 9610003610B
Software Version: Program – Bootloader – Core – Base –
Software Status: Running Mem: 21176
System Up Time: 10:26:34 up 19:00
PPPoE Link Up: Disabled
NAT: Unknown NAT
Port Status:
Port Hook User ID Registration
FXS On Hook Not Registered
Port Options:
Port DND Forward Busy Forward Delayed Forward

Provision: Not running, Last status : Unable to download xml config data.
Core Dump: Clean
GR909: Test Page


solved: ht801 changed direct ip dialing stream to use embedded * chars

for 386 was: *** 47 xxxxxxxxxxxx
for 801 needs: *** 47 xxx*xxx*xxx*xxx #

debugging used the syslog debug level to see what was happening
as am remote from ht-801…