HT701 ignores my instruction, and always check voice mail


Hi, I have a question about my HT701 device.

In the “FXS Port”, I select this radio button - “No, do not send SUBSCRIBE for Message Waiting Indication”.

But on the screen of the phone connected to my HT701, it is still showing voice mail alert whenever there is voice mail.

I mean voice mail alert is a good feature. But sometime I just do not want to see such alert on my phone screen. I prefer to decide on my own when to check voice mail or not.

So why is HT701 quietly ignoring my instruction even I set it not to check voice mail?


It may not be ignoring the request as it could be that whatever service you are connected to is pushing the notice regardless. The only way to know for sure is to get a capture and see what subscribe messages are coming across.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Traffic capturing means a big effort for me. Right now, my HT701 is directly connected to the router. To set up WireShark to capture the data, I have to set up Internet connection sharing or network bridge in a computer, and put HT701 behind this computer. (I don’t want to use a switch with port-mirroring feature, as that may not be as accurate as a dedicated computer gateway.)

This could mean a lot of cable move-around, and all the software set-up. But I will try it. It could take me three months to finish it.