HT503 Trusted CA certificates in XML file


Hi All.
I’m trying to upload a trusted CA certificate to a HT503 ATA via XML provisioning but with no success.
The XML is encrypted via openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc … command line in linux.
All seems to be read correctly except for the P2386 and P2486 parameters where I can’t find the complete certificate.
If try to paste from the web interface the ca certificate (from —BEGIN certificate ---- to — End certificate —) and I ask for an XML download I can see the whole certificate on it.
But when I use the same XML to provision the device, the P2386 parameter contains only the 1st certificate row (i.e. — BEGIN certificate —) and nothing more.
If I try to manipulate the downloaded XML in order to have the whole certificate in a single row, when uploaded, the P2386 parameter is shown properly if downloaded from the device, but the certificate is not properly read by the HT503.
The debug log does not show anything except for:

[] SIPStack(0)::SIPStack: Failed to load SSL private key

Upgraded with latest firmware.

What is the correct XML syntax for including certificates on it?

Thank you