HT503 peer-to-peer to a HT801 problem


I am attempting to setup a peer to peer in this order: PSTN > HT503>LAN>HT801. MY HT503 is located behind the router with the PSTN plugged in the “LAN” port of the HT503. If someone calls the phone number to the PSTN hooked up to HT503, it rings once and they get a dial tone. On the HT801 side (4 miles away - linked by Ubiquiti transmitters), when I dial out, there is total silence for a while then after a minute get a fast busy signal.

I set this system up using instructions found on the net “How to extend connection to a remote site” - Peer to Peer Handy Tone Scenario

Note, I am not using a SIP server just wanting to extend a PTSN line using my LAN Any recommendations


I have the exact same problem.

SPENT A WHOLEDAY AT THE CLIENT’S SIDE trying to solve this, tried all sorts of parameter changes and nothing.

HT801 can’t connect to HT503 for outgoing calls, UDP and TCP connections fail.
HT503 can connect to HT801 normally.

Please give us a solution ASAP


NLAN: you just make mistake with IP.

smphillipstx: Run syslog on HT-503 and HT-801 and post here. also add IP and port of each gateway.


There was an error with the IP address configured under “SIP server”. Wrong subnet.

please delete this thread, and sorry for any inconvenience!


Hello Marcin,

Trying the same thing but with:

Analog telephone – HT801 ------ LAN ------ HT814 – PSTN

Followed the “Peer to Peer HandyTone Scenario”.

it sounds like it establishes the call but doesn’t ring in either direction.

Any help is truly appreciated.


Need syslog from both devices + settings screenshoot (no config FILE i do not have so much time to manually check P). I can’t help without knowing what is happening.