HT503 Busy


I have a HT503 that showing the FXO port busy at all times (even without a cable in it). I assume that is a hardware failure (was fine a few months ago and as hardly used not sure when it failed).

Unless anyone has seen a similar issue and fixed it?


I have had one do this a number of years ago, but in my case it was apparently the result of a lighting strike as the site lost their fire alarm and fax machine at the same time.

Given that it shows the same even with a cable not being attached, it may be a hardware failure, but before going down that road 1. check to see if the PBX or other is hung with a call and 2, factory reset.

Not much to lose as it is apparently not doing you any good at the moment.


Thanks fore the reply.

No issue with the PBX, it was the replacement of the PBX to newer hardware and software that identified the issue so now running on a all new PBX.

I might well give it a factory reset on route to the skip just out of interest but I don’t think I hold out much hope of a revival.

I guess a HT813 on the way and hope my luck with Grandstream products improves, because the death rate to date has been pretty high !!