HT503 and HT802 does not end the calls, it is a frecuency problem?


ive having a hard time setting the frecuency settings for my country (Argentina), im not sure if thats was wrong or it is something else, but im unable to get a HT802 and a HT503 ATA to work… Im using a FreePBX system.

On the HT802 and HT503 FXS port the issue is the same, i make a internal call for one of my extensions on a softphone… i hang up the analog phone conected to the FXS but it does NOT end the call on the softphone, it makes the extension to stay “busy” and i can even see network trafic activity, until i hang on the softphone.

The PTSN line on the FXO in the HT503 has a similar issue, i call from outside on the PTSN number, it goes to the correct internal softphone extension, but if i hang on the softphone, the PTSN line is not released, the call dosent end on the PTSN side and stays like this until i end the call on my cellphone. Funny thing is, if instead of ending the call on the softphone first I end the call on my cellphone first, the call does end on the softphone.

Things get even worse if i route the incoming PTSN line to a extension on a FXS on HT802 or the HT503 itself, as i have to reboot the HT503 in order to release the line.

I was also unable to get outbound calls to work on the FXO, i always get “all lines are busy” even troguht i disabled the wait for dial tone.

Anyone has any ide aof what is going on?
Thank you


It is related to disconnect signal.
Turn off impedance and go with busy signal. I will not say how as i have no idea at all how your busy signal look.

AFAIR gxw410x gateway manual have link for default country codes (no time to check sorry).