HT503 and HT801 for PSTN extender doesn't work


I want to extend my house PSTN line to an outbuilding that is connected to my house local area network via Wifi extenders (Ubiquiti NanoBeams if you are interested).

I configured the HT503 at my house and HT801 at the outbuilding as described in the Peer to Peer Handy Tone Scenario. When I go off hook with my POTS phone connected to the HT801, I can see the Status change to off hook on both HT503 and H801. But I can’t get either inbound PSTN phone calls to ring on the remote phone, and I can’t dial out from the remote phone. Help would be much appreciated.


Check if your devices are in the same network segment.


I’m testing them on my desktop, connected to the same router, using the same 192.168.1/24 subnet.


Double check the scenario settings with peer_to_peer_HT502-HT-503. Settings are easy to set up. Also make sure your FXO port is set up with PSTN line (SLIC settings)