HT503 - Analog line and VoIP - Help for config



I recently purchased the HT503 to combine my analogue line and VoIP account.
I wish to receive the call from my analogue line (connected on FXO port) on my analogue phones (connected on FXS port). I wish to make call via my voIP account (not the analogue line) and have a code to dial via the analogue line if need be.
It sounds simple, I thought I could manage but so far I can receive the call and that’s it.
I filled in my SIP accounts details in both FXO and FXS page with no success.

Anyone to help me ?

thanks !


Voip account only on FXS.

You can chose FXO by diali *00 afair (code should be on basic page AFAIR)
Other way it is sent via FXS voip account. You should be able dial from start unless you make some mistake in voip register.


Thanks Marcin,

I did a factory reset before filling in the details in FXS voip account. On the status page the account is marked as registered but I still can’t place a call.


This can be router problem or provider.
You can try provider to check if they see attempt communication from HT.

Can’t place mean silence or some kind of error ?


When I try to make a call, I get a sort of busy/unavailable tone


This is error sent from provider. You can try ask them for check what is wrong.
If not then you must start syslog in HT and collect logs on PC to check what kind of error you have.
You have good It knowledge ?