HT286 Incorrect Time


Hi all,

Does anyone know why the time is incorrect on my HT286’s. I have two and they have the same issue.

I have an NTP server on my lan and my HT286’s are pointing to that server to get their time. I have the following NTP and daylight saving and time zone settings:

Time Zone: GMT
Daylight Savings Time: Yes
Optional Rule: 3,-1,7,1,0;10,-1,7,1,0;60
NTP Server: (my router which has an ntp server built in)

I was told that the optional rule would automatically adjust the time for daylight savings. It did for a while but a few weeks ago the time on the HT286’s changed and is now one hour behind the correct time. I am based in the UK.

I also use the the same optional rule in my Linksys SPA941 VoIP phone and that has the correct time and is also pointing to the same NTP server ip address.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or does anyone know the correct optional rule for daylight savings in the UK.

I have tried several optional rule configurations and they are either ahead or behind by one hour.




Hi all,

I forgot to say that these are my firmware settings etc:

Product Model:
HT287 Rev4.1

Software Version:




Bump. Have you had any luck with this issue? I am having a similar issue myself and was hoping for an answer