HT 813 ddns provider


good evening.

I ask for help. I have an ht813 and I would like to put ddns provider on it. because the ip of the place that will be installed is dynamic ip. It’s possible?


It sounds like you want to use the HT813 as the router.

I would not suggest to use the HT813 as a router - it doesnt provide enough firewalling to keep the network behind it safe.


hello no i don’t use it as a router.

I will place it on a client as a voip trunk for the UCM that is in my company.
but the client’s internet ip is Dynamic and I would like to put a DDNS provider on it instead of on the router.


it isnt meant for that… you would use the ISP’s hostname, why do you think you need the DDNS on it?


Do you mean the HT813 is going to be an extension off the UCM ?


yes the HT813 is a PSTN Gateway, it is receiving the PSTN line and sending it to the UCM6202 as a sip trunk.
what i would like to know is possible to use DDNS provider (DynDDNS or NOIP) directly on HT813. Because the External ip is dynamic so the Provider will fix the host address


why arent you using the UCMs fxo ports for the line input?


why the HT813 is installed in a different state than ucm6202!


Use stun and set to use wan IP. This will provide the ucm the correct external IP where the ht resides.


ok sorry i don’t understand about the term stun, please can you send me a link or how to set it up.


STUN is used to help with NAT issues by determing the public IP in use at the time. The manual will have info, but look in the HT and you will see STUN in several locations. Use as the STUN server. Then set STUN to enable and set the HT to use the WAN IP.