HT-812 ethernet ports


Can the HT-812 WAN and LAN ports be bridged? When used behind a router, the extra layer of NAT is unhelpful, and must cost some performance in the ATA.

Note that similar products, such as the Cisco SPA122 support bridging.

If this is not possible, how does one make a request for the feature? (I’m new to Grandstream.) It should be trivial to implement in the firmware…

Thanks in advance.


normally NATs are performed by the firewall, and not by the user,
it depends on what exactly you want to do
however, any request should be made directly to Grandstream Support:


That product is EOL - HT81x are Gigabit Ethernet so it really is not taxing on the device if used in the way it has been designed.

But best way to get Grandstream to look at the feature request is via the Helpdesk as @damiano70 has suggested. Grandstream can then evaluate the commercial side of the request and see if it fits in with their roadmap.


Thanks for the replies.

Yes, I know. That’s why I’m here.

The fact is that it has (had) a useful configuration option that I didn’t find in the on-line docs for the HT081x. I thought I should ask in case I missed it.

The need for the feature isn’t EOL.

Note that the HT-812 specs say that although the ports are Gbe, the NAT router is only capable of 100Mb/s…A bridge does a lot less work than a NAT.

Aside from performance, the configuration of interest is where an ethernet jack currently serves a device, and a an ATA is to be installed. If the ports could be bridged, it would save running a new ethernet cable for the ATA as well as a port on the switch. NATing the existing device can create a number of problems, including managing it from the network (“WAN” of the ATA). Adding port forwarding mappings in the ATA, if it’s possible, is more management and maintenance that I’d like to avoid.

Anyhow, thanks for the pointer to the helpdesk. Every company does things a bit differently, so it’s very helpful to learn from its community before stumbling around.


ht-812 is a “cheap” product that only serves to convert VoIP into analog signal,
any other need you have to do to other external computer equipment, Router / Forewall / Switch etc …


Have you examined the admin manual? Look for device mode as yes, it can be bridged.


I did look at the documentation, but I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.

(Seems I searched for “bridge”, but the manual has “Bridge”… sigh.)