HT-801 with flickering (NOT blinking/flashing) power LED – unsafe or just a failing LED?


My HT-801 is currently not in service. I’m between providers at the moment, but I’ve kept it plugged in.

However, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a flickering blue light last week. It was my HT-801. The power light is intermittently flickering. The WAN light is absolutely solid.

Does this indicate a potential electrical problem/fire risk, or just a failing LED?

I’ve unplugged it just to be on the safe side.



The manual provides explanation as to the LED patterns and what they mean.


Hi @lpneblett,

Thank you, and I apologize if my phrasing was unclear, despite my efforts.

When I said “flickering” as opposed to “blinking” or “flashing”, I intended that to mean that there is no pattern to it whatsoever. I’m absolutely sure it won’t be listed in the manual. It is random but continuous. That is what made me worry about a possible electrical problem.

It can be seen as soon as AC power is applied.

I hope that’s clearer. Thanks!


No need to apologize. Could be the LED driver, power to the device having lost regulation or other. If you have another transformer to test with that might help narrow things down by ruling out some things.

Unplugging is the safest thing and if nothing else, puts less stress on the power grid so that some EV vehicle somewhere will charge 1ms sooner.

Seriously, when you get to a new provider or plug back in, test to see if you can still reach the web interface and/or get the voice response to work. If so, then likely nothing and being low voltage the odds are pretty low of a safety issue and being UL and CE listed, but…nothing is impossible.


Thanks again, @lpneblett.

I don’t have a spare OEM transformer. What specs should I look for?

My original intent in posting this question was to determine whether I needed to purchase another HT-801. That would give me another transformer to test with, and actually, it’s a good idea to have a spare ATA on hand anyway.


Look at the one you have and buy accordingly. It will have the voltages, input, output and current needed.