HT-801 not reachabel by static or dynamic IP




I jsut got my Grandstream HT-801 and connected it to my company Network.
The HT801 got an IP from the DHCP Server but isn’t reachable by this IP. The internet LED on the Top is flickering als the time (never stop).
So I tried to set an static IP, but the same issue. I used an static Router IP and static DNS IP (my Server and google).

So I connected it to my Home Network, and it works.

What can I do to solve the Problem?
I updated already the FW to the latest!


After a quick read, this sounds like a work network issue, not a HT-801 issue.

Are you sure your on the same subnet at work?


Check via IVR menu option 12, if it say http access then change with 9 to yes and restart unit.


Sure I’m on the same Subnet. At the DHCP Server I can see the Addresslease close to the Addresslease of my PC.
And why the Internet Symbol LEd is flickering all the time?


The problem is, I can’t Ping the device on the IP wich it got from the DHCP Server.


Yes, as it is blocked also.
AFAIR sometime gateway is set incorrect and work as router. Then it have WAN port blocked.
By using IVR you can unlock http port. Then upgrade unit to latest soft and Factory, it should remove your problem.

Also there is possiblity that someone mess gateway earlier (then Factory it) and changed HTPP port.

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