HT-502 7+10+11 Digit Dial Plan?


Does anyone know whether it’s possible to configure a Grandstream HandyTone HT-502 for 7, 10 and 11 digit dialing? I can configure it for either 7 & 11 or 10 & 11 digit dialing, but cannot get all three to work and didn’t know if I was missing something.



Has this ever been answered? I would like to have a dial plan on my HT502 that would make 7 and 10 digit dialing possible.


This example adds 206 to all dialed numbers.


Well, I just posted a message about the same issue as I missed this one on the first look through. I can get 7 and 11 to work but not all three. It appears to be a bug to me. If it isn’t, a support tech should come on here and tell us how to do it. If it is a bug, then need to fix it in the firmware.


Well I figured out how to do it. Even so, I think GS needs to do some work on the dial plan interperter in their firmware. It is not up to the level of the PAP2. They also badly need more detailed documentation.

Here is my dial plan that supports 7, 10, and 11 digit dialing. It also blocks 1900 and has pre-defined numbers for 411 and 911. It permits international calling. Replace the 911 number with your local 911 direct dial number. Replace the 251 with your own area code.


The + at the end is the key…apparently. The documentation in the manual isn’t very good but this is working for me. I have the 063 firmware installed.