Howto create independent networks associated to SSIDs?


I would like to set up my 7600 and 7600LR now meshed such that they provide 2 SSIDs, but I want to restrict the users connecting to one of the SSIDs from seeing the traffic of users connected to the 2nd SSID and local ethernet port. Can someone point me to the right documentation, or provide a primer on how to do this? Using the non-cloud management platform in this particular case.


You want separate 1 SSID ?
When you create/edit SSID you have this:
Client Isolation Mode: Internet
Set it as Internet then this SSID will not see any network except router.


Thanks for that information Marcin. I will look in the user manual to see how this and other options in that screen can be set up to meet my specific needs.

I also want to explore the portal option, hopefully I can find some simple documentation to follow to see how it works.


Isolation guide

Portal have separate files, check how to sections. If you want facebook or other just search more documents.


This is a great topic!!

Please offer a few steps as to how we can truly isolate a device client on a new network and keep the hotel guests from access the main primary subnet lan

This is what it may or should look like

Default site / Network 1

  • Management LAN
  • 192.168.1.x

Hotel Guest LAN or Site

  • Guest LAN
  • 10.0.1.x
  • This may be completed as a VLAN option.

But the gw cloud and AP VLAN description is not clear

To give you an idea of what we can do with another AP and cloud brand for a hotel network.

  • The AP registers to the cloud
  • The cloud controller allows for the management to the primary and entire network (192.168.1.x)

The cloud allows for creating and implementing a new network subnet 10.0.1.xx along with rules for captive portal, guest lan isolation,

The guests login to the guest LAN, they are issued an ip address
and they are client isolated from one another and cannot be seen via Fing Scan

See my other post concerning this

Thank You