How to use multiple tones in one Call Progress Tone


I have an application were I need to generate a custom reorder tone. The specific tone is an alternating high and low tone. It is 440Hz on for 250ms then 620Hz on for 250ms repeated. This is a somewhat common tone in US systems and often referred to as an intercept tone.

I can’t seen to find a way to use two different frequency tones not mixed together in any Grandstream product. Maybe this possible but not documented? I have done this with Cisco ATAs but I much prefer the Grandstream ones. It seems the ability to have alternating tones is missing.

This is how this tone would be defined on a Cisco ATA: 440@-19,620@-19;10(.25/0/1,.25/0/2)
and this is how it is defined on Asterisk: intercept = 440/250,620/250

Any help is much appreciated!


I can’t help you. But, as a rookie, I’d love to know why you need this.

Would you mind elaborating?

Thanks in advance!


I have a legacy IVR application that listens for that specific tone as it was designed for Avaya systems. This is how it knows to disconnect. The open loop disconnect feature would make much more sense but this application was not designed for that. It is not cost effective to change the application. I will just have to continue using Cisco ATAs which are capable of doing multiple tones.