How to upgrade WP810 firmware, keeps saying "Failed to get firmware"


Can someone help me upgrade the firmware of a new WP810 from to latest

I’ve got the wp810fw.bin file. The upgrade seems to start well, but then slows down and gets stuck at 68%, as displayed on the WP810 screen.

After a while the message “Failed to get firmware” comes up on the screen. What is wrong?


You need to upgrade by step. Refer to release notes and manual to know which exactly. You’ll have like 2-3 steps.


Thanks fmarcoux96. The Firmware Server Path was wrong. After correcting that the device upgraded to easily (except for Boot firmware, which stayed at, see below.


However, the up-down-left-down arrow key didn’t work correctly - it wouldn’t go down, only up. So I thought I’d do a factory reset to straighten things out and start again.

Trying a factory reset from the Web GUI didn’t work. The device twirled for two hours, without achieving the reset. Why didn’t it work?

So then I did a factory reset from the device itself following the instructions in the Administration Guide This went to completion, but now the WP810 is not functioning properly. The arrow key still won’t go up, but in addition many of the menu items are no longer selectable, they can’t be reached using the arrow key.

For example, I can see the WiFi network that I want to connect to, but I can’t select it. The arrow key is stuck on the first WiFi network (called wp_master) and won’t move to the WiFi lower down the list that I need to use in order to connect the Web GUI to the device. Therefore I can’t connect the Web GUI to the device to complete set up.

I’ve tried factory resetting again, and restarting the WiFi, but nothing works.

What can I do please?


For others that may find this helpful, FW upgrades over HTTPS appear to never work. I put the WP810 FW on my personal server and entered the domain in the settings for the phone. With HTTPS it failed to upgrade, but with HTTP, it succeeded. I don’t understand why HTTPS is even an option if the phone is incapable of using it…


My guess is that there are some who have certs from a CA and run their own upgrade servers. Running with a self-signed cert or no cert… is not really keep with the idea of the S in in HTTPS.