How to upgrade a 2130 with prog


I have tried many ways to upgrade to the latest firmware to use this phone on the GDMS software. Unlike the later modes, 2135, etc., you can choose the firmware to upgrade. You cannot do that with these 2130’s. I have tried using and that does not work either. Any suggestions on how to upgrade old 2130’s etc.


as i commented in the firmware section(see below), also, before using the gdms, the phone needs to be on the latest firmware, or close to it, and then you need to factory default it after the firmware update, then you should be able to add it to the gdms.
if the 2130’s have access to the internet you can just add the URL under Maintenance for them to download the firmware, or you can download it and log into each phone and upgrade them under the maintenance tab, how many devices need upgrading?


Probably about 6 or so. I guess i can use the CSV format do do it?


I copied to the upgrade and provisioning firmware location. I rebooted the phone and after it came back on I did a factory reset. Still has the OLD firmware: Prog

I tried it again using https on the upgrade VIA and it still did not change from the old Prog


it shows all the different versions, i dont have a phone in front of me, but it will usually show you a base version and and recent version, might be program, do any of them show did you notice the phone download the firmware, it will says something firmware while its downloading and updating? it may be easier to log into it and upload it directly to the phones


I did not see the upgrading firmware message, I was carefully watching and it only took a shirt time to reboot. I can I log in and directly upload it? I have never done that before. I always seem to have trouble with the old versions that do not let you select the firmware version from you PC. I have been using grandtream exclusively for over 6 years. The old ones always give me trouble


it might have needed a reboot after you added the firmware URL to it so it would check for firmware after reboot, the pic below shows where to add the firmware file in the phone, its pretty quick, if i dont want to wait for the phone to decide to update, i upload the firmware, select Start to get Pop Up


My phone is old, I do not get that drop down. This is my phone:

Upgrade and Provisioning

Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning

Always Check for New Firmware
Check New Firmware Only When F/W pre/suffix Changes
Always Skip the Firmware Check

XML Config File Password



Always Authenticate Before Challenge


Upgrade via


Firmware Server Path

Config Server Path

Firmware File Prefix

Firmware File Postfix

Config File Prefix

Config File Postfix

Allow DHCP Option 43 and Option 66 to Override Server


Additional Override DHCP Option

Allow DHCP Option 120 to Override SIP Server


3CX Auto Provision



no start button, thats fun… i just upgraded my device with the URL and a reboot

my phone has access to the internet, i pasted a pic of the settings below, its default except for the would be changed to what you are using. hit SAVE and APPLY, then reboot, on reboot the phone says do you want to upgrade, select yes


still no success. It never upgrades. Any other suggestions? I will be back at it tomorrow AM. BFN


i found a mention of different hardware versions for the 2130, i wonder if old hardware cant be updated, under status/system information is has a hardware version, how old is it?

• Firmware and higher versions support new hardware revision on GXP2130. For
GXP2130 with new hardware version 2.5A and 2.6A, it cannot downgrade to firmware version
lower than


my prog is

Software Version








i cant find the hardware version in the GUI, i found it on the phone, under STATUS/SYSTEM INFORMATION


in the phone GUI, under maintenance/tools can you ping


there is no tools drop down,

Web Access

Upgrade and Provisioning




Security Settings


Trusted CA Certificates

Packet Capture


here are the release notes for the phone going back to version, they dont mention any restrictions on upgrading, only downgrading is restricted.