How to turn on permanently some BLF keys?


Hi all,
I just bought for my old mom a GXP2160 because of its 24 MPK that are associated each one to some of her contact (Speed Dial). It’s easy for her because she just need to press the MPK to call one contact.
I insist that each MPK is associated to a “Speed Dial” command and this can’t be changed.
I need to turn on by program, configuration or API some of these MPK, permanently, in a static light. Let says that I need for example MPK13 and MPK24 in a static green light, for a panic call or a favorite contact for example. I know it’s not the purpose of the BLFs but I just need a way to “highlight” some keys. Is could be a better solution that just put a sticker on the touch.
Any idea?
Thank you.


The only way to get the BLF keys to light is by using the SIP protocol. It is a SUBSCRIBE function where the phone subscribes to the SIP server telling the server which extensions the phone wants to monitor. The server accepting the subscription request will then send a NOTIFY on every status change of the monitored extensions which then causes the BLF key to change its LED color to indicate the new status. This is how all SIP phones are designed and there is no alternative way to modify it to meet the desire. You will note that you can only monitor devices that are connected to or proxied (via other SIP servers) from the same SIP server that is handling the calls.