How to transfer the existing local recording to USB Flash Drive or NAS


Hello everyone! Good day! I would like to ask something about the recording. We have UCM6510 IP PBX model and recently I connected the 64GB USB Flash drive for the recording. My problem now, the existing recording from the previous month won’t play anymore just like a message that deleted. When I checked now the recording it will save to USB DISK. Now, my question, Is it possible to migrate the existing recording to local disk of PBX going to USB drive or to the NAS? I also tried to configured the NAS drive for the recording and it’s successfully integrated. I would like to get only the previous recording to the local disk of PBX. I hope someone can help about this. Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure but usually when you switch recording storage UCM allow you to copy recording.
There was no such info ?


No it’s not copying the previous record from the local PBX disk. once you connected USB flash drive, it will automatically switch as main storage device.

Any support from the grandstream here?


It must copy as record is keep on memory until it end then it recoded and save to destination.
But if you think only when end file is keep then you right, no memory.