How to switch between accounts on GS wave automatically


I created two account on GS Wave for an extension. one for private network (LAN) and the other for public network. Every account has its own SIP server address, means PBX IP for private one and DDNS domain name for public one. One account should be chosen as a default account. So if default account has been set on private one, then when you exit your office, it doesn’t switch to public one automatically, and wise versa. so extension will be unreachable.
any idea for fixing this issue?


I used to use GS Wave frequently but, due to my current cell provider offering poor service, I’ve just be forwarding calls to my cell phone. So, my thoughts are about a year out of date.

  1. Couldn’t you just setup one account using the DDNS? Yes, the data path is longer when connecting with Wi-Fi. However, hopefully your connecting with good Internet and a solid AP, the data should be able make the trip without diminishing the call quality too much.

  2. if you have a decent firewall, you might be able to setup a hairpin route. Something that, if the firewall sees the outbound traffic is just coming back to your IP address (not sure about DDNS or dynamic IP’s), it will intercept the traffic and send it directly to the UCM. I was using a Microtik router at the time, not sure if you can do this with your router.

Good luck!


if your router allows it (Draytek allows it) you can create a LAN DNS, the router if the request is from local will return the registration to the local UCM, if the request is from outside will register remotely through the rules of NAT, so create a single account on GSWAVE


Thank you for your advice.
1-When I create only one account with DDNS, App can not reach to UCM through the local Wifi network, so that why I had to create second account with private IP for SIP server.
2- I am using Bell Modem/Router Hub 2000 with very basic firewall feature. not sure if can implement Hairpin route. will test it.
Thanks again


Thank you for your advise.
Yes LAN DNS is a very good idea, but I do not have this feature on my router (Bell Hub 2000)
Thanks again


of course you have to create a domain link first


I had the same problem.
In the end I only configured a public account and while I am under local wifi I access the UCM throught the public lan.
It works well.
I don not know if your issue is related to the router, but in this case I suggest you to swap to a more flexible router. I am using mikrotik products. They are not easy to configure but they are costless and works fine with grandstream products.


… the problem is the QoS …


Thank you for your advise.


What do you mean?