How to setup VoIP redirections



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I have two companies in one office building and we share one Grandstream UCM6104 device. In our offices we have two Grandstream GXP2140 devices (one for each company). Both our individual companies have a different VoIP number. I would like to know if it would be at all possible to have the UCM6104 redirect callers to our indiviual switchboards?

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you’d better write down the details and the scenario you want to get


Yes, simply create inbound routes that direct one number to the 2140 at one company and then another route that directs the other number to the other 2140.

You only need to input the DID (number for each company) into each rule and tell the system that when this number is seen, where to send the call.

You can find more detailed instructions on the product pages (resources) for the UCM in the manuals


Thank you for the reply!

What manual exactly will be able to give me more detailed info?



It is the same manual regardless of the model - 61XX, 62XX, 6510


that’s actually the manual for the 62 series, maybe I don’t see well but is the 61 series manual missing online?


It is the inbound/outbound setup manual which whose settings are the same for any UCM.


actually the 62 series has evolved and some functions are not present on the 61 series, I think that on the page of the 61 series manuals will have forgotten to put it back (until a few days ago there was).


However the dial plan for DID has not changed which is what is needed to direct a call to a given destination. The remainder may describe added functionality that the 61XX does not have, such a CID manipulation or other but, if it doesn’t have it, then you can’t set the non-existent functions up.