How to Setup 1 Grandstream Wired and Other Wireless?


I am using GWN Cloud and I have 2 Grandstream GWN 7615. I have a Cat 6 cable only for 1 as the other Grandstream is in another room where there is no Cat 6 Cable. So I want to connect the 2nd Grandstream Wirelessly to the first one. Please let me know how to do that?

Also which models of GWN Support connecting wirelessly and with 1 wired Access Point how many can connect to it wirelessly.

Thanx :blush::pray:


I don’t know about GWN cloud but I believe it is similar to locally configuring your master AP.
connect all your APs to the same network and do the regular configuration:

  • Log in to your Master AP, pair the Slave AP to it.
  • Add both to group0 from Add to Network Group option.
  • Configure your SSID from Network group -> wifi
    Now go to system settings and enable mesh.
    That is all you need to do, and you can disconnect the slave AP, and move it to the installation location, use a POE injector to power it up. and you are all set.
    I believe it is advised to not chain more than 3 APs away from the central one.


Fantastic!! It worked!! Thank you so much for your help!!

What I did was in the Cloud I first setup both AP’s wired. Then I went to System --> Mesh --> Configure and Enable Mesh and in Interface I selected 5G and Saved it.

After that I removed the Lan cable on the AP that I wanted to be wireless and left it for 5 to 10 minutes and it did the trick!! working fantastic!! One AP is connected wired and other is wireless!!

Thank you once again for your kind help!! God Bless!! :blush::pray:


I am trying to do the same thing; however, I do not see the interface section you are referencing in
Also, did you have to set all APs to the same channel?


Interface selection is not required. About the AP Channel, I did not change anything so just keep it default.

To check if the Wired Wireless Network is proper do the following:

Click on System --> Mesh --> Topology and you will see the Wired AP in Blue Colour on Top and Wireless AP in Orange Colour below and in the same line on the right hand side you will see an icon for Actions when you click on that you will see the Wired AP and if you want to Manually Select the Wired AP in case you have many then click on Disable Automatic Uplink and Manually select the Wired AP. But if you keep it Automatic it will select the nearest AP automatically and in case the nearest one is not working it will find the next one which is nearest and is working, that way your network will work even if one of the Wired AP is not functioning. If you select Manual and your Wired AP is not working it will not switch to the next one.

I am uploading the snapshot for your ready reference.

Let me know if it worked and if you have any further questions.

God Bless :blush: :pray: