How to select default line on 822/825


Anyone know how to set the default SIP account when dialing outbound on the WP822/825’s?

This is important because we have two lines (SIP accounts) on all our customer’s phones and only one of them allows outbound calls. This is particularly important for the ability to dial 911 in an emergency.

We can do this easily on the DECT phones by setting the account we want to be the outbound line first under the line configuration. Does it work the same for the WiFi phones? There’s really no line configuration in the WiFi phones quite the same as the DECT phones.

Does it just use the first SIP account configured as the default outbound line?

I think I remember the first time I tried to dial out on the one I’m testing, it asked me which line. This would be bad, especially if it’s a kid trying to dial 911 in an emergency or maybe someone in a hurry or in bad shape or hurt. I want the outbound call to just work by dialing it and having the default line set like it works on the DECT phones. It may just work but, I’m not 100% sure at this point. Maybe I need to factory reset the phone and test it again.



The handset is not regarded, as it is the function of the outbound route that determines which route the extension of the handset dials out on. The outbound route is determined at the PBX.


I am familiar with how to route the call once it gets to the PBX, this is NOT what I’m asking.

If there are two SIP accounts on the phone, I need to make sure when someone dials a call that it goes out through the correct line.

On our system, if a call comes in on an inbound only line, it will go nowhere. So… If this were a 911 call, that would be bad.


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The way I configure the lines/sip accounts on the phones is very specific to my system and the use case. These phones aren’t hooked up to a typical PBX system for an office doing basic functions that we’re all familiar with. I don’t know why that matters but, thought I would mention it. The two sip accounts I put on every phone are for different purposes, one for inbound and one for outbound specifically. It’s partially to make the phones easier to use for the end user (long story) but it’s also because there are different rules for the way each of these sip accounts work on the PBX side of things. Inbound line can had only one call on at a time for example which would block the ability to make an outbound call. It all has to do with call queues and such and the specifics of my product which is NOT off the shelf but 100% custom to a specific use case.

In any case, I will need to do some more testing to see how it works by default after I factory reset one of these units.

I know that the first time I tried to make an outbound call on one of these after configuring it, it asked me which of the two SIP accounts I wanted to use to make the call. THIS is bad if someone is bleeding out, trying to dial 911 or it’s a little kid that can’t really read and just knows to do what he/she was taught and that’s to dial 911.

Just about liability, safety and lastly convenience for the customer so they don’t have to push additional buttons to do something simple like make a call.

On other phones like the GPX-21xx and DECT phones DP-720/722 it just works either by setting a default line for outbound calls or it uses the first SIP account configured ALWAYS for outbound calls and never ask them to select. So, we ALWAYS configure the line we want used to dial out first, then the inbound line second.

On the WiFi phones, it’s different so we are just trying to solve the issue.


You will need raise ticket to GS directly with such request if it is not there. Be sure you have latest soft