How to select a specific CID for DISA calls


I am having a few different inbound phone numbers and when trying to setup DISA the outbound calls show the original CID. is there a way to set the CID of the DISA used?


Yes, again some creative work need.
Create copy of you original trunk (DO NOT REGISTER IT but provide all correct data), now set there CID you want use by forcing trunk setting over all. Create outside routing from DISA using new “trunk”. Trunk force new CID :slight_smile:


Thanks Marcin for the reply,
Does this mean that every did will use this CID when doing a separate DISA on the IVR? :thinking:


How many disa you have ?


I have 8 inbound routes of different numbers (I believe it’s called DIDs) and want a seperate DISA for each if possible!

Thanks again! :sunglasses:


I think you could setup outbound routes with some extra digits in front.

Hypothetically, pick 80 through 89. Dial 80 + the desired number. In the outbound route, drop 2 digits and assign Outbound Route Caller ID.

81 through 89 could be assigned to other routes with different CID’s.


ah yes, if you want use prefixes that will also work