How to reset a VOIP provider locked HT701


Hi, I have an HT 701 from a VOIP provider. I no longer use its service. But I still want to use this HT701 for other uses.

But the problem is the reset will NOT erase provider data, like SIP server, assigned phone number and my namer, etc.

How can I do a real reset, erasing all these provider locked data?


You have to ask the provider to remove the device from G.A.P.S. (Grandstream Automatic Provisioning Server). They will probably ask you for the mac address of the device and clear it in a few minutes.


Thanks for the quick reply.

But I have some questions. Why do I have to ask my old VOIP provider to remove my device from GAPS? You mean my HT701 will automatically access some provisioning server to get default firmware data, during a reset? If so, why?

I think the default factory firmware should be hard-burned to the local device ROM, and a reset process should just load this default firmware, overriding current data settings in the local device. Why is Internet access required in a reset process?

Exactly where is those provider-locked data stored, like SIP server, my assigned phone/name, etc? In the local device’s (modified) factory firmware, or in some provisioning server in the Internet?


GAPS is a provisioning and redirection service that allows service providers to provision a GS device out of the box or after a factory reset. Your provider will have sent you the ATA knowing it will provision once you connected it to the internet and powered it on. It saves the end user from having to configure the device. This isn’t unusual to GS, all the IP device manufacturers have a similar service.
Either ask the provider to remove it from GAPS or factory reset without an internet connection
The data isn’t provider-locked. Its simply assigned to your device (identified by MAC) and provisioned whenever it requests provisioning files(s) from the server.


Reset without Internet connection will not work, as I found that during a reset, HT701 still keeps the data provisioning server URL in the “Advanced Settings” tab ( Why? ), and right now it is pointing to some Fongo’ URL ( my old VOIP provider ).

So after a reset, as soon as HT701 is connected to Internet, it will go to Fongo, to grab that old data again.

If I change this provisioning URL to some other values (preferably GrandStream’s own URL ), or simply clear this field out, then do a reset, will my reset then be a real reset, or will that URL still annoyingly change back to Fongo’s URL by itself?

I am reluctant to call my old VOIP provider, as very likely they will refuse to help me since I am no longer their customer.


Just change the provisioning url and save it.


In other words, unplug it from the Internet, Factory Reset it, go into the device and remove the provisioning URL, save and apply, then reconnect it to the Internet. You will need to follow this procedure for every factory reset, or, ask the provider to remove it from GAPS.


No luck.

In my HT701, in the “Advanced Settings” tab, the firmware server path was originally “”, and the config server path was originally “”. I tried to put other values like “” to both fields, and clicked “Apply”. Even my new value appeared to be saved, but if I go to the “Basic Settings” tab, and do a full reset, the original fongo value will magically come back to these two fields, overwriting my new values. Very frustrating.

The same is true with the “Primary SIP Server” and “SIP User ID” fields in the “FXS Port” tab.

So I guess:
* Either Fongo ( my old VOIP provider ) must hard-burned a custom factory firmware to each individual device before they ship it, (thus these provider-specific values always stay at the local device, impossible to be eradicated ), or;
* HT701 will always quietly revert to a previous value for a field, during a full reset, if the field’s new value is somewhat invalid though syntactically correct, even it appears that it has saved the new value.

Otherwise, how come my HT701 can still remember old value, even if I already overwrite it with a new value?

Can some engineer from Grandstream confirm it?


Be sure to follow what @drostoker explained above.

AFTER the reset, you need to remove the provisionning URL. This must be done without being connected to Internet.


Calling the old provider is still an option to permanently resolve the issue.

Although I’ve never had problems getting a device removed from a config server (grandstream is not alone in this process) I’ve heard/read about several times people have been given the run around. Mostly due to call center staff who don’t know/understand what’s going on.


An update:

There seems to be no way to unlock these adapters.

  1. If it is connected to the internet it automatically provisions itself to Vonage and you are locked out from configuration settings.

  2. If it is reset and connected to a router that is not connected to the internet, you can get into the settings screen with a password of “123” but can’t change anything. I assume the “123” is a user password not an admin password. The “admin” password doesn’t work.

  3. If you try to get into the *** menu you can get to some options but not the provisioning server address.

  4. Vonage won’t help. Without a Vonage account they won’t talk to you.

So don’t buy one of these ATAs that is locked to a provider because you won’t be able to use it.



Depend how they were locked, i have skill to unlock most as you need “lock” a lot of settings to prevent unlocking. There is 1 settings that cannot be unlocked: ITSP provision (special one).
But i doubt it is worth to hire me to do it.