How to record voicemail greeting for Voicemail Group or Ring Group Voicemail ?


I’ve tried calling the extensions of those (6400 and 6600) but I can’t access any menus, and I’d like to know how I can get to these - I’m aiming to have a voicemail for either (whichever works best) as well as the individual phone voicemails.


when you set up a ring group you need to define a destination ( when the call is not answered) there are many options to set the destination to but one of them is the go to voice mail for a given extension. you could create a dedicated extension to route the unanswered call to .


There’s also the option to send it to the ring group’s voicemail extension - but I don’t know how to access that (or set up a greeting)


The ring group extension vm is just another vm box tied to that extension. However, since there’s no phone to be and endpoint, you have to navigate the comedian mail voicemail system to manually dial into the group vm box.

From any connected phone, dial your voicemail access code and your ring group extension. From here you can record your voice greetings for the mailbox.

Note that you can also assign a speed dial (vm access code + ring group extension) key to your phones to get to the vm with one touch.


Do you know if you can create a speed dial for user want to modify a prompt for an IVR for example. I use IVR because customer must can’t record a message, i dont want a voicemail or a voicemail without recording… Have you already seen something like that ? Thank you.