How to play music on hold thru phone


is there a way to constantly play music on hold thru phone. I have UCM6208 with the lastest firmware. IIs there a code I can put in GS phone to play thru the speaker.


No. There is no way to do this.




Dial 701. That’s it. Unless I’m misunderstanding the question.


You could have fun with this (I’m assuming you have all music rights).

You can setup different parking lots with only 1 extension 7xx.

Assign a different default music on hold to each parking lot with different music. Eg, 705 could be your “Rock” station, 706 could be classical and so on.


Conceivably you could do that (dial a park spot), but:

  1. It is effectively a call and there is still the timeout issue for both the SPOT and the on-hold RTP
  2. As a call, and being that the music is still using MOH as its source, the number of songs that can recorded withing the allowed space is rather minimal and the tracks will loop once reaching the end.
  3. If the tracks are not in a GSM format and the phones setup to use a GSM codec, then the system will have to transcode the track into a codec suitable to the phone. If the tracks are in GSM, then the phone would need to have the GSM codec installed and would also need to have it at the top of the list and possibly set to use the 1st codec.
  4. Doing this may also cause some copyright issues as I assume you would be uploading commercial tracks that are protected by ASCAP or BMI.

The bottom line is that playing music is somewhat CPU intensive (gets worse with each person that does the same), counts as a call, has limited capacity of tracks given the storage and may cause you to receive a letter informing you to cease and desist before legal action is taken to recover lost royalties.

All of the above are reasons why most (not all) IP-PBX manufacturers do not not support streaming MOH.


While I agree that your caution is wise and warranted, the answer to the question is yes.


My extension scheme is 1000-1025. How do I do this?


You might need to alter the dail plan to allow 3 digest dialing. That should be it.